Dialogue System Design Speech In/Out System Tag-based Knowledge Representation The Interface Dialgoue Demos (in Chinese)

YaoTalk: A Conversational System for the IIIS Domain

Information about Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS) is typically acquired through the web pages, which is limited in its static nature. In this course project, we develop a conversational system, named YaoTalk, to allow for voice-in/out information acquisition about Yao Class through natural dialogues. Unlike commercial form-based dialogue systems, we propose to exploit hierarchical knowledge structure by adopting a tag-based dialogue management module. This module is further coherently combined with an efficient database unit and a domain-specific ASR to meet our purpose. Through extensive testing, we evaluate the quality and efficiency of our developed system, and discuss its limitations. The results show our system is properly responsive, and leads to several potential directions of future work. The full report is here: [PDF]